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Photography studio rental and workshops Michigan
Get Creative photography studios Lansing Mi

Lansing's creative resource for photographer studio rentals, photography and digital arts education, and community

900 sq ft main studio  |  4 Private studios  |  On-site lighting, soft boxes, backdrops, props  |  Workshops, After school programs, Summer Camps  |  Podcast Studio  | 
Conference & meeting area  |  Full kitchen and coffee bar  |  Editing stations  |  Affordable memberships, non-member rentals and walk in's

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Does renting a photography studio make sense for your photography business?


Renting a photography studio can be such a great tool for a photographer, however, it can be very costly and really take a big chunk of your profit margin. We love photography 

but we also need money to support being a photographer. So does it make sense or an even better question, does it make dollars? 

If you have a client or clients that you can incorporate your studio rental cost into their price than it's great, but with most sessions being between $150-$300 there usually isn't much room in the budget to add on the cost of renting the photography studio

How cost effective is renting a photography studio for your photography business or hobby?

Studio rental for photography in Lansing
Here are 5 factors to take into consideration when renting a photography studio for your business:

*  Studio time + shooting time + editing time = more than you’re charging?

*  How much time do you really need for you to shoot your best and your clients to have a good experience?

--Most of the time, photography studio time is rented by the hour. You may have props, lights, backdrops, etc to load in and that takes time. 

--You want to greet your clients and make sure they don’t feel rushed. Warming up to your camera and creativity sometimes takes time and your clients may  need to do their hair, make up, change an outfit etc. and yes, that takes time too.

--All photography rental studios will require you to clean up at the end of your photography session. That includes all of your photography equipment, backdrops, props, lights, trash, client belongings, etc. and that, as you guessed, takes time. 

*  Does the photography studio you are renting bring value to your brand and business? 

*  Is the investment you are making in to renting a photography studio helping you grow as  a  photographer so the value of your work as a photographer  increases? 

*  Does the photography studio you are renting have a flexible and convenient schedule that makes scheduling easy? Do they offer walk -in’s in case of rain during or right before an outdoor shoot begins? Late evenings and weekends? When do you shoot the most and is the photography studio accommodating?

Does renting a photography studio make sense for you to grow, learn, and become a better photographer?
Photography Studio Rental Get Creative Studios lansing mi 48906

If you don’t know by now, photography can be a very expensive hobby. On top of the camera, there are costs for flashes, stands, soft boxes, umbrellas, lenses, backdrops, props, chairs, benches, stools, and the list goes on. Then you have to have a place to store it all and even scarier is spending a bunch of money on equipment you don’t know how to use and Youtube doesn’t talk back and answer questions and there isn’t anyone to help you. So on top of all of that, the cost of renting a photography studio can make renting a photography studio just for practice a cost many just can’t afford. If this is a cost that you can afford then we highly recommend spending as much time as you can in the studio. Practice is such a vital part of becoming a better photographer and having all the space and tools you need will make it a lot faster journey on becoming the photographer you want to be. 

Practice is always the most important key to becoming successful but practicing blindly can be frustrating. You have to make sure you're practicing correctly using the best techniques with the tools you need and finding a resource like that can be hard especially in a photography studio you are renting. This is another question you must ask yourself , does the photography studio you are renting offer educational opportunities, coaching, equipment you may want to try out before buying, and support your creative journey by providing everything you need so your investment is giving back and worth it? 

Did you know there is now a place?


When we set out to create the best photography studio in Mid-Michigan, we wanted to make sure photographers had all the tools they needed in one location to make sure their creativity had no limits. Get Creative Studios is a one-of-a-kind photography center for Michigan photographers that has taken all of the above considerations and created an experience you can’t find anywhere else in Mid-Michigan. 

photography studio rental in Lansing Michigan

Does having a Get Creative membership make sense for you as a photographer and for your photography business?

How Get Creative Studios can benefit your business?

Get Creative Studios was built to make you and your business thrive. Here are a few ways being a member can help your business become more efficient and grow:

  1. Professional atmosphere you can be proud to bring your clients to.

  2. Meeting areas with coffee and snack stations for pre-session, sales, and image viewing consultations.

  3. 15-30 minute pre and post session time for set up and clean up. This allows your scheduled time to be used for shooting, not cleaning or watching your client fix their hair.

  4. By listing each member's professional profile with gallery and links, Get Creative will also help promote and market you allowing people in our community to find and hire specialty photographers for their needs on our member’s page. We want to see you out there. 

  5. Custom url to your member profile (, personalized Get Creative email (example:, and mailing address to give your business a home base location. 

  6. Sales, marketing, and branding workshops by the area's top industry professionals as well as national guests that will provide you with great knowledge, experience, and tools to help make your business successful. 

  7. Member groups and meetings with other professionals in the area to share ideas and learn from.

How can Get Creative Studios help you become a better photographer?

These are just a few of the many ways becoming a member of Get Creative Studios can help make your business become an even better business. However, Get Creative Studios is also set out to help you become the best photographer you want to be. 


Here are a few ways being a Get Creative Studios member can help you become a better photographer: 


  1. Private studios for every kind of session. 2 private natural light rooms, 3 private studios that can be set up for boudoir, maternity, bath tub, or custom designed by you. 

  2. A wide variety of colored paper backdrops, muslins, and digitally printed backdrops can be used in every studio. If you request certain items through our scheduling system, the items will be set up for you before you arrive. 

  3. A variety of props, chairs, stools, couches, and benches are available to use in any studio. 

  4. 1-4 light flash kits with a selection of softboxes, umbrellas, and reflectors available on site with coaching or assistance if requested by members.

  5. Podcast studio to help build your brand, do behind the scene videos, product reviews, or any way you want to promote you and your brand in the podcasting world. 

  6. Weekly and monthly workshops from some of the area's best photographers and educators as well as national guest workshops and product demonstrations. 

  7. Editing stations, viewing room, and the ability to print 5x7 and 8x10 prints on site within seconds. 

  8. Being a part of a creative community to share ideas, experiences, photography and editing techniques, file management systems, products and gear will prove to be valuable all in itself. 


So, does renting a photography studio make sense for you? That will have to be a question you answer, but we are 100% confident that a Get Creative Studios membership will make you a better photographer and that doesn’t make cents, that makes dollars :) 

The Lansing Studio near East Lansing you've been waiting for. Get Creative photography studios and Gathering Space offers every tool photographers, videographers, and digital artists need to be creative and successful. Get Creative Studios is located in Lansing Michigan and offers a complete studio rental experience including lighting kits, backdrops, props, and more. Besides having multiple studios including 2 natural light studios, Get Creative Studios offers a variety of workshops, groups and meetings, after school and summer photography camps for teens in our community. Get on board and Get Creative with affordable monthly memberships, non-member scheduled sessions, and the only walk in photography studio in Lansing. The Lansing studio you've been waiting for? Yes, and the Lansing studio that has everything you need to Get Creative. 

Lansing and Mid Michigan Photography studio rental memberships and photography education and workshops

Get Creative Studios is located at 806 Center St. Lansing Mi  48906. We are centrally located in Mid Michigan so traveling from St. John's, Dewitt, Mason, Williamston, Dansville, Fowlerville, Howell, Brighton, Novi, Detroit, Midland, Bay CIty, Saginaw, Mt. Pleasant, Grand Rapids, Lowell, Portland, Ionia, Grandville, Kentwood, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, Marshall, Okemos, East Lansing, Laingsburg, Owosso, Flint, Muskegon, Holland, Grand Haven, Ann Arbor, Charlotte, Eaton Rapids, and Grand Ledge. FInd us HERE on Google maps to see how far your trip in will be.