Get Creative got creative at Dreamer's Creative Lighting Camp 2022

What do you get when you bring 30 great photographers from around the country, 4 amazing presenters and world class photographers, and a great staff dedicated to helping make your experience the best it can be? You get a 4 day workshop in an old western town in Wimberly, Texas that transforms your creativity and photography skillsets know as the Dreamer's Creative Lighting Camp.

Thankfully, Get Creative Studios ambassador and Limelight Weddings owner photographer Alexander Martin was there to experience and learn from such a talented group of photographers and artists. Creative Lighting Camp was led by 4 amazing professionals who shared their wisdom and knowledge of creative lighting for use of off camera flash, photography tips and tricks, as well as helpful marketing and work flow.

Michigan native and CMU alumni as well as Magmod and DreambooksPro Ambassador Jesse La Plante and his wife Moirah La Plante started off the workshop with an amazing presentation on many creative ideas, lighting techniques as well as different camera settings and the very popular astro-photography segment that blew everyone away.

We sat down with Get Creative Studios Ambassador Alexander Martin to get some thoughts on the first presenter Jesse La Plante and this is what he had to say: Jesse's talents in creative lighting was brilliant. However, learning more about him as a person and a photographer led me to see his really passion and that he is a journalist and really focusses on the moments and capturing them in a very unique way. As creatives, we can get caught up in the moment of capturing our vision but Jesse did a great job reminding us of how important those special moments are to be captured.

The second presenter was world renowned photographer from Columbia, Geekoto, CloudSpot, and MagMod Ambassador Christian Cardona. Christians ability to see a shot, set it up, and capture it is second to none. His efficiency and speed help him make the most of those tight timelines most of us wedding photographers are all too familiar with.

Photo credit: Dreamers Photo Camp 2022

Christian discussed his philosophy of the 6 pillars to improve as a photographer:

Training | Criteria | Consistency | End informality | Public relations | Meaning

Becoming the best photographer you want to be is a journey and following these pillars will help every photographer not only become a better photographer but becoming the photographer you want to be as an individual.

Besides a ton of great information on building yourself as a photographer, Christian Cardona also displayed a wide variety of camera adjustments and settings, lighting set ups and how to use gels in a very creative way.

The last presenter of the Creative Lighting Camp 2022 was MagMod, DreambooksPro, HoldFast Gear, CloudSpot, and AfterShoot Ambassador Esteban Gil.

Esteban Gil shared many of his signature shots as well as many creative lighting and camera tricks to help advance your creativity. Inspiring the camp attendees to take pieces of what they've learned and to incorporate the techniques in their own style.

Each presenter challenged the photographers to a list of photo challenges using the techniques they had just taught on. This was a great practical exercise that allowed the photographers to work in a group to create each challenge.

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