Get Creative Grand Opening is right around the corner and many can't wait for what's in store!

Mid Michigan is about the get creative with a facility like no other in Mid Michigan. Do they offer studio rentals and memberships? Of course, but going a little further is where things get so good because Get Creative is so much more than just a studio rental space.

A creative place for creative people to learn the tools to help them become more creative.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of photographers just here in the Lansing and Mid Michigan area. Many amazingly talented artists and incredible people make up the photography industry here in Lansing and the Greater Lansing area and we are excited to be such a big part of it. Unfortunately for many photographers and digital artists the road to success can be filled with too many questions, too much money, and too many hours on Youtube with a big question mark over our head. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming and lack of local support, coaching, and community is lacking. Not any more!

If you want your business to stand out, your images and brand have to stand out.

If you think creating a business that will stand out with images and a business model that looks exactly like everyone else's is a good idea, I'm very sorry to inform that it is not. We see so many people starting a business before they're actually even a photographer. So many people with a camera ruining the senior photos of a student to get practice or make a hundred or two. So many want the finish line but never think about running the race. Get Creative Studios now offers photographers the resources to become a photographer and a better photographer, learn the skillset that will help your business be successful, understand how to create a business, brand, and sales process so you're not just out there wandering around trying everything to get anyone to book and never reaching your potential. This is when photography starts to become not fun and many throw in the towel. We don't want that for you!

Let's kick off our "Portfolio Builders" series with an incredible particle explosion shot.

After touring the studio, having a drink, meeting a new photographer or two, we'll step outside to learn the tips and tricks to a shot that will blow your clients away. Get Creative Studios Ambassador Alexander Martin will lead the first installment of a series he is calling Portfolio Builders. This will be a series of workshops that will lead you to an amazing portfolio that will keep you and your work in demand.

Starting at 9pm, Alexander Martin will go over the How's and Why's of the lighting set up, camera settings, angles, tricks and secrets so you can create this amazing shot for your clients. Grand Opening and Workshop will be help at Get Creative Studios located at 809 Center St. Lansing MI 48906.

We hope to see you on August 1st for the Grand Opening and kick off to this amazing journey we hope to share with so many of you. Don't forget about the FREE Creative Lighting Workshop beginning at 9pm.