Creative Center and studio rentals for photographers and graphic artists
Get Creative has every tool photographers need

4 private photography / video studios including 2 natural light studios. 

900 sq ft. main studio for larger group sessions or when additional space and equipment is needed.

Multiple backdrops, props, lighting, stands, soft boxes, instruction/coaching and so much more on-site and available for use. 

Editing room with docking stations, large monitors, dark space, keyboard and mouse and comfy chair.

Conference area to meet with clients or to enjoy the internal networking with other members. 

Full kitchen with an assortment of refreshments, coffee, and maybe even doughnuts.

In addition we also offer:

Workshops ranging from basic photoshop and lighting to how to market. From creating digital composites and masterclasses for photographers to how to create a good sales presentation. We're always GETting CREATIVE and will be adding a full menu of education and project based workshops once we know our members a little better and find out exactly what they are looking for. 

Podcast Studio for influencers, artists, musicians, and anyone who wants to create or promote an idea that would require a pod cast studio. 

After school programs for middle school students wanting to explore the journey in to the digital arts. 

What is Get Creative Studios?... It's so much more and everything you need to become the photographer and artist you've dreamed of.